Skafe Keratin Treatment Ampoule

Enhance your hair care , buy the Skafe Keratin Treatment Ampoule. It helps to restructure the hair fiber , recovering the keratin lost by the most diverse causes, such as chemical processes, while offering it intense softness .  Look here for additional insights: Best Keratin Treatment

Mainly indicated for damaged locks, it provides a healthy appearance, natural light and protection against the action of dangerous external agents for the hair .

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Available in 10mL packaging.

What is the capillary ampoule for?

Capillary ampoules are recommended for those who do not have much time to care for their hair and need a more intense treatment.

Each type of ampoule offers a different benefit, but, in general, they replenish the lost hydration, help supply the vitamin needs of the hair and rebuild the hair.

What is the keratin ampoule for?

Keratin is a natural hair protein that, over time, is lost due to external aggressions. The concentrated keratin ampoule replaces the component. Thus, it deeply moisturizes and rebuilds and enhances the shine of the hair, leaving it healthy again.

How to choose products to care for damaged hair?

When choosing the products for your damaged hair care routine, the ideal is to choose those that are intended for this type of hair.

Another tip is to bet on ingredients that nourish the hair, such as butters and oils that replenish the mass of the strands, such as proteins and amino acids .

Check out the main ingredients that should be present in the products of those with damaged hair:

• Ceramides : seal cuticles, ensuring strength and shine;
• Panthenol : moisturizing active that promotes softness and suppleness to the hair;
• Cystine : is an amino acid that helps to produce keratin, replenishing the capillary mass and providing strength and resistance;
• Keratin : main protein in the formation of hair fiber, restores hair and reduces breakage;
• Vitamin A : helps in the healthy growth of locks and tones the scalp;
• Arginine : this amino acid reconstructs hair from the inside out, as it favors the exchange of nutrients in the hair fiber;
• Biotin : acts on the hair bulb, preventing hair loss and aiding growth.

Chemically damaged hair: what to do?

Chemistry can guarantee that beautiful result you want for your hair: changing the color, texture, and leaving the look the way you like it.

However, while modifying the strands, they remove nutrients, mass and water from the hair, causing damage.

These damages can be simpler, such as the dry aspect and lack of shine, or more serious, such as split ends and chemical cutting. To avoid them, it is necessary to enhance hair treatments and take daily hair care seriously.

One of the main ways to restore hair health and also to prevent chemical damage is to ensure your hair schedule . In it you combine hydration, nutrition and reconstruction treatments, so your hair receives all the nutrients lost during the chemical procedure.

Using ampoules and capillary oils to restore the health of the wires is also a great request, they are able to make the reconstruction more intense and effective!

In addition, caution is needed. If you already make a type of change, for example, a straightening, it is better to stick to this chemistry only. No discoloration of the hair!

If even with this care your hair continues with extreme damage, there is no way: the ideal is to visit the hairdresser and invest in a professional cut or treatment.